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"The Lucky Ones"
 (1953- present Corvettes)

 "No Contest"
 (1953-Present Corvettes)

"Millennium Milestones"
 (1997-Present Corvettes)

"Not Singing In The Rain"

 (1953- 1967 Corvettes)

"Mid-Year Life Crisis"
 (1963- 1967 Mid Years)

"House of Legends"

 (1953- 2010 ZR1)

"Favorite Things"

 (C6 Corvettes)
1970 - 1972 Chevelle "Late Night Test Drive"
"Late Night Test Drive"
(1970-72 Chevelles)
1970 Chevelle "Horsepower Hotspot"
"Horsepower Hotspot"
1968 & 1969 Chevelle "Bowtie Badges"
 "Bowtie Badges"
  (1968 & 69 Chevelles)

"Malibu Nights"
(1964-67 Chevelles)

"Miracle Mile"
(1967- 69 Camaros)

 "Out Catching A Few ZZZs"
  (1970-73 Camaros)

"Hot Pursuit"
 (1967-2002 Camaros)

"Lights, Camaros, Action"
 (1967-2002 Camaros)

"One Wild & Crazy Night"
 (1967-2002 Camaros)

"Something Old... Something New"
 (1967-2010 Camros)

"Never Enough"
 (5th Gen Camaros)


"Got Lucky"
 (1983-88 Chevy Monte Crlo's)

"Deuces Wild"
 (1962-67 Chevy II')

"Big Dollas Impalas"

(196 - 2010 Impalas)


(1983-1987 Grand Nationals)

"Show Down At Star Dust"
(1966 - 67 GTOs)

 "Second Gear Air"
 (1968-69 GT)

"The Great One ... and Only!"
 (1964 - 2006 GTOs)

"Bandit Patrol"
(1967 - 2002 Firebrds/Trans Ams)



"Original Rainbow Warriors"
 (1964-72 Mixed Mopars)

 "All Smoke & No Mirrors"
 (1968-71 All Hemis)

"Drive-In A Legend"
 (1970-74 Cudas)

"All Fired Up"
 (1970-74 Challengers)

"Super Chargers"
(1966-74 Chargers)


"Beep Beep"

 (1968-74 Road Runners)


"Nothing But Hemis"
 (1966-2010 All Hemis)




"Fast Forward, Fastback"
 (1964-1966 Mustangs)

 "Out Foxing Around"
  (1978-93 Mustangs)

 (1964-2008 Mustangs)

"Retirement Fund"
 (1964-2011 Mustangs)

"Speed Trap"
 (1993-2004 Mustangs)

"Horsing Around"
 (1993 - 2004 Mustangs)

"Life's Tough"
 (1932 - 2008 Mixed Fords)


"Corralling A Few Horses"
(1993 - 2004 Mustangs)


"Friday Night Lights"
(Mixed Cars)

 "Boulevard of Dreams"
(Mixed Cars)

"Premiere Night"
(Mixed Cars)

"Cruising Up, Cruising Down"
(Mixed Cars)


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