"Out Foxing Around"
1979 - 1993 Ford Fox Body Mustangs
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The Fox platform Mustang introduced in 1979 was the car that reconnected the Mustang fans back to the true heritage of the "pony car". Slumping sales and escalating fuel prices brought a smaller more economical Mustang redesign. Today, these hot Mustangs are cherished by the young enthusiast because they are still relativity inexpensive, look tough and have massive after-market bolt-ons that can transform these little foxes into real masculine street machines.

What Fox Body lover can't relate to this print? I wanted there to be a little chaos in this print with these little Fox Bodies coming and going in every direction. My friends, who owned them, seemed to be able to drive these cars like go carts. They were agile, had plenty of power and usually were just " Out Foxing Around"!


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