"Cruisin Up, Cruisin, Down"
Mixed Dream Cars
12"x 36" Print #9053

This was my first very first "Panoramic Series" print, it started out as a regular sized print it turned into a mural. I had always thought of doing a panoramic-sized print, but never put any real thought into the idea, until this one.

I often compare this scene to a Vegas-style strip. I do use existing pictures, sketches and a lot of imagination, but this place doesn't really exist. I love neon and affects of atmospheric lighting and this piece is full of both. I think the colors jump right out and pull you in... you'll feel as if your actually there "Cruisin Up, Cruisin Down" the boulevard.

Check out both halves which can be framed and hung side by side to create some impact.

Friday Night Lights (Left Side)    

  Boulevard of Dreams (Right Side)
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 12"x36" Gicleť Print
2007 Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Prints
Print 9053C - $129.99



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